India is amongst world’s fastest growing energy market and is expected to be the second largest contributor to the increase in global energy demand by 2035. Given India’s growing energy demand, the government has plans to expand our renewable and Nuclear Power Industry. Till then, coal shall remain as the primary source of energy in the country.

Keeping this thing in mind, the four Heads fused together and cropped up with the idea of venturing into Coal Mining business. Confident with the expertise and skill of all the four individual heads, a decision was arrived at with the immediate plan of action to hit the State of Meghalaya first.

Amit Kapoor, a highly experienced mind in Economics and marketing spilled a piece of his mind in the strategy of marketing and identifying prospective customer. He brings to the table his vast rich experience of more than 20 years in different fields ranging from service sector to manufacturing industry to international business to mining and trading.

Sunny Saggu is a seasoned entrepreneur who has 18+ years of management experience behind him. With his multi-faceted talent, has provided the vision and execution to diversified businesses. Convinced with what he has seen around the world, without any second thought he showed his thumbs up and said "Yes" to coal mining and trading.

Gitika Kapoor, a highly experienced lady in promoting and putting together the blocks of success for a Company too gave her thumbs up with full confident that "Generating a Brand Name" for the team will not even be a vision but an "already delivered" job

Sajay Laloo a coal miner and trader from Meghalaya, a State in the North-eastern India, a vastly experienced person in coal trading and mining business did not discourage the team from moving ahead. Started mining and transport related business from 2000 and still continuing till date. Has got tremendous experience in Coal mining especially in the hilly terrains of Meghalaya. He owns more than 50SqKms of Coal mine in West Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya and has taken more than 90SqKms coal mines on lease from the local Land Owners..

Thus, putting the four heads together The Name 7 Watts Mining & Energies Pvt. Ltd was born with the Head Office at Shillong and Marketing Offices at Guwahati,New Delhi, Punjab & United States Of America, the Company was then blessed with proper and official registration as per the required procedures of Law.