Gearing up for the tough and competitive times ahead, as the import of Coal from several coal exporting countries is made open into this country, 7Watts immediately put its professional team together and developed a new system of trading where prior to supply of coal to any buyers, the sample is first tested and chemically analyzed. In this system various qualities and grades of coal is offered to buyers, for instances coal from Jaintia Hills the extreme east of Meghalaya, West Khasi Hills and Garo Hills the extreme west of Meghalaya on a certificate duly. Our infrastructure in these different coalfields, we are able to offer critical logistics support .

With an impressive track record of growth and performance, our strength includes a team of highly experienced professionals, a sophisticated fleet of earth moving and mining equipment with a superior material handling capacity and an ever-increasing distinguished clientele.

As we venture into bigger challenges and greater goals, we envision to be winners extraordinaire creating and managing projects and productive delivery systems setting standards in every frontier

7 Watts Mining & Energies Pvt. Ltd is a new, young and dynamic company with basic objectives in mining and Power Generations. 7 WATTS in a shot span of time carved a niche for itself in the mining sector of India, particularly the rich deposit and quality of coal in Meghalaya, 7Watts decides to Kick off the business from this state and subsequently explores other North eastern regions. As a new entrant in the highly competitive private sector mining space, & 7 WATTS has made promising progress in this vastly lucrative sector.

The Company has multiplied its activities focusing in terms of productivity, quality of work and cost parameters at par with the international standard. We strive for utmost customer satisfaction through our dedicated team working round the clock relentlessly across India.

The journey has just begun.!