India as a whole is a power crippled nation and there is not even a single state in the whole country where Power Cuts or Shutdown does not take place in the whole year round. The Country is as such comprises of 60% of plain land where Hydro power generation is a distant dream for most of its states. Considering all these factors, 7Watts visualizes an alternative and viable mean of Power Generations through burning of fossil fuels and thus dream of lighting a portion of Northeastern India by utilizing the rich natural resources of the region.

This target is seen as attainable through a proactive approach, by teaming up with local miners, reputable regional traders and end users.


Being the only organised body in coal trade in Meghalaya, 7Watts has done almost the complete analysis of various coal in the State. Thus, our clients were never disappointed with us whenever we fulfil their orders, be it in Quantity or in Quality too. To add a few more words “ You specify a Coal, We have it”.

7Watts at present owns majority of Coal Mines in Central and Western Meghalaya. With our Machineries and sufficient manpower all over our mines, the daily extraction capacity of the Company is not less than 4000MT. Thus, we can confidently say that we are the most stable and trusted coal supplier in the region.

As we venture into bigger challenges and greater goals, we envision to be winners extraordinaire creating and managing projects and productive delivery systems setting standards in every frontier. The journey has just begun!

With an impressive track record of growth and performance, our strength includes a team of highly experienced professionals, a sophisticated fleet of earth moving and mining equipment with a superior material handling capacity and an ever-increasing distinguished clientele.

As we are the only Team who really knows the Total Chemical Analysis of Meghalaya Coal, today, we have identified few belts which we have already acquired for the purpose of setting up of Thermal Power Plants in the near future

As we don’t believe in what people gossip around, but in performance not words, we are now “TRUSTED AS THE BEST” team in Coal Trading in the region.